Change is a funny 6 letter word.  It has its high and low points, the power to create unforgettable joints. Change is epic, like a lunar eclipse, or soft and beautiful like the morning time, its crisp.  I love change, the excitement it rings, all the new smiles, the joy it brings.  Most importantly I’m blessed for this change, when i think of blessings theres only one name………Jesus…he is to thank for these wonderful things. :-)


Even with all my growth and change, I still can’t escape you. As I stand looking in the mirror of my past, your silhouette haunts me like the crisp dew of the winter morning. It’s been a while since I’ve heard your voice, seen your face, and still the memories of you can’t be erased. My imagination runs wild and my fingertips tingle at the thought of knowing that you might be near. This pain that still burns inside me creates a sense of fear. What would I say, what would I do if I ran into you again? I know things are different, I know things are new. You’ve moved on and I have to but my heart still wonders. I hope you’re happy that we’re apart. I just wish you could know that your blood still flows through my heart. I never stopped loving you…..LDA.